This weather, oh this weather!

One day  warm , one day rainy. One day blue sky no clouds and a gentle breeze, the  next day cold, gray and  a  blustery north wind.  I wish there  was a button  to make it  all stop and  just  turn on the  good  weather but  I know that  is not  possible.     I  know  it is supposed to be  winter,  I get that.  I live in South Carolina,  and  we  usually  do not  have  such up and down temperatures.  It  is not just  us  either  the  whole  country  is  having  this.   I  just  look forward  to  spring and  steady  temps.  My  allergies  will  be  grateful as will  I .   All this up and down  is  making  my  head and  nose  hurt and  I look  like a squirrel  packing away nuts  with all the  kleenex I have  stashed everywhere.    I  live  very  close  to  these  mountains and when you come out my  street to the main road you can see them  a bit.

20060824150838               bird                                                                                         

Well  welcome  to my  little blog  all about  me , my life , my  family and my  yarn  addiction.   Yes  I am a  yarn addict, I freely admit that and  I love  love love to use  it  for  all types  and kinds  of  projects.  I  knit , I crochet and I use  a loom  sometimes.  Nothing gives me  greater peace  then after  doing all my chores  for the day then to sit  and use  some of that  yarn to make something  useful , warm and  fun.    I make all kinds  of things , really.  I  can spend hours and hours  just  traveling the internet for patterns  for all kinds of things.  I  love to knit for my grand daughters, and their  dolls and bears.  I love to make hats , mittens , blankets  , sweaters, and socks.  Nothing  is  a waste of time if you love  learning how to make it  and  if it adds to the person that  you become , right?  I will try  just  about any  kind of project  and even if it takes  months  to learn it  and finish it  that  makes  it all the more grand I think.

Some  of  the  things  that  I have  done  for family and friends  include  slippers , fingerless mitts, dish cloths and scrubbies, sweaters , and  baby  items.  Lots and lots of  baby  items  for my newest  little angel  Alyssa Jean.    She is now almost  6 months old and  getting more adorable everyday.


I am a stay at home mom to  puppy dogs and  chickens.  I raise  chickens for the eggs , no  roosters  on this little farm.  There  is  not much tastier then a  farm fresh form the nest  little brown egg in the morning  to go with the  homemade  bread freshly baked.   I try  to cut  corners where ever I can and save pennies  so I do a lot  of things  myself like baking bread, making  laundry soap, and  lotion bars  for my hands.  That is where  knitting and crochet  helps too as  it  is much cheaper  to by  some  good old redheart yarn and make those  adorable mittens then to pay  upwards  of  $10 bucks or more for cute ones off the shelf.  That  is what  I tell my self  each time anyway.   It  makes  me  feel better when I buy more  yarn .    That  is my story and I am sticking to it .  Well  time for me to go , I shall return soon and  often with  more  stories and  pictures of my  yarn adventures and  goings  on here in the south .  Take care and we will see you when we see you.


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