It’s been so long.

It’s been forever since I’ve been here. Years.. I guess you could say that life happened, and this little blog went on the back burner. So much life has happened. Many moves, many gains, some losses. But now I see life slowly coming back into settled. It’s taken a long time for me to be able to find my “settled”.

When I last posted, we were in South Carolina, still my most favorite place I have been. Since Carolina we have been to Florida to Michigan to Florida and back to Michigan and back on the road we shall be in a week or two. Its a long story…..we thought we could find out happiness if we kept looking. Sooo here is the last chapter of why we are on the move again We made our 3rd move to Michigan 18 months ago. My husband are Michigan people born and raised. We had moved from Florida. We were going to move to be close to our kids but that just didn’t work out as we planned.

We thought we had settled in here, we bought a really nice comfy old home. We thought that this was our last stop in the road to retirement….. but I guess we we wrong.      We wanted a camper to do some traveling since we are now in our golden years. We wanted to become snowbirds and head south in the winter…. in our golden years… Except these years don’t feel so golden right now with Covid, kids and campers. We devised a plan, although not a perfect plan as you will see.      So a little back story.   We had a camper, our kids wanted that one so we sold it to them.  We in turn bought a much newer and more expensive beautiful camper to do some traveling. We then realized that we couldn’t really afford a house and camper payment easily at the same time.  . 

   Soooo…. We had to make a decision and we decided to sell the newly purchased home 6 months in and become full time rv’ers. We had decided to sell our home thinking all was well with the kids and things were going great for them.    Things happen though and life got in the way.  The kids couldn’t keep the camper and keep paying on it so now we had 2 campers and a huge payment.  Excuse me a minute while I deep sigh… So now more we had more decisions to make.       We sold the older camper and we in turn had sold our house to do our traveling but now our kids wanted us to stay close.  Trying to buy another home in these days and times is a major headache and something we are not able to do easily with today’s housing market.  Homes sell as fast as they are listed and for much more than they did 6 months ago we are finding out .     So over the road we go in our nice new camper and I am not sure where we will land this time but we are heading for warmer weather for a while for a much needed vacation.  It’s been a long cold winter and we need some sun right now.    One thing I forgot to mention, I am a puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto Florida.  I have raised 2 pups already and they are now certified working guide dogs.  

    I am now raising my 3rd pup and he will be joining us in our little camper adventures.  It’s not exactly how I wanted to do this but hopefully Saint will enjoy it.  He most likely will be my last pup to raise unless we are somehow able to find a home for us somewhere.    I invite you to follow us along on our camper adventures to see where we end up.  Will it be a warm or a cold climate?  Will we be able to find a home or be rv’ers forever?  Let’s see where life takes us!!!  After all….. Life is an adventure.