Adventures in a Camper.

 Let’s just say I am not a huge fan of camper living.  I have always been a girl scout – in the forest-tent sleeping – cooking everything over a campfire- kinda girl.  I have never been one to want to go live in a camper.  Ever…..   

Perhaps it never just the right kinda camper.  I have seen many but all with mini everythings inside them. Unless you are in one of those -mansion size buses- tiny houses on wheels.     

 Perhaps it’s my claustrophobic nature.  Perhaps it is the iddy buddy stove and fridge that hold very little.  I mean seriously, I can’t imagine cooking a dinner of great quality in these iddy bidddy size of a matchbox ovens.  I just haven’t been a big fan.     

Today I looked over on my table and saw 2 very over ripe bananas.  Unfortunately I knew I had to take action.  I hate to throw out bananas because I absolutely love them but…..  that would mean trying to use that teeny tiny – my microwave  is bigger than that- oven.  What to do?     

So off I go, let’s do an experiment I suppose.   Was I crazy to think this…. to even consider trying to bake in an oven I didn’t even know how light?  Probably but what could possibly go wrong?  Worst case scenario I would just have to toss the end result and chalk it up to experience. 

Well I mixed it, put it in a pan that I generously greased and looked at that oven that i hoped was heated to the right temperature.  There is no oven light to let you know you are at temp.  In to the oven it went while I hoped, said a little prayer and tried to occupy my time for an hour.     

I peeked into that oven an hour later and pulled one out, tested it and amazingly enough it was done!!!!  It looked absolutely beautiful, golden brown and smelled glorious!! I took out the 2nd loaf and it was just as gorgeous.   I am simply amazed I would never thought it could be done!!!!  

    There is hope.  Perhaps I may be convinced just a wee bit that camper living might not be quite so bad if indeed I can produce some semblance of normalcy such as a loaf of Banana Bread!!!  I must admit I can’t do this over a campfire.  Perhaps it might be okay.  I must admit my curiosity is peaking….. what might I try to bake next in this oven???  Stay tuned .  I think I will make a cup of tea, have a slice it two of bread and milk it over.  Be blessed….     Trudy